So structure is an issue for me. I don’t know why. I’m mostly a well disciplined person with good boundaries, but when it comes to structuring my own day I’m pants! This is especially when it comes to getting stuff done around the house. I need support with this, but because a) I’m a woman & b) it’s housework there is no support available & this gets on my every last nerve!

Why? Well, because it’s such a small thing really, yet the dealing with it would make such a huge difference to my life & who is perfect? None of us, right….right?

I feel stuck & alone & very unsupported in this & I also feel that some people are very negative, prejudicial, petty & pathetic about it & that makes me sad as I have no doubt that, in my shoes, they would be crying no end about how hard done by they were

I’m feeling a bit negative about this myself today. Tomorrow will be better, I hope

By Boutoo

0.0 this is strange….

A friend of mine led me here with her beautiful words & as I currently have a bit too much time on my hands I thought it about time I actually got some of the rubbish that wanders around in my head out into the ether….if 50 Shades can sell, well….why not?

So now I’m here & trying to sort out my profile thingy & very typically all the words that were bursting to come out a few minutes ago are now hiding shyly behind the couch… kind of them, don’t you think?

I may write here often. I may leave it for years without anything new. Expect what happens & either join in with it or don’t 🙂

One last thing I have to share with you that she gave me (she’s awesome!) This vid: think about it & ask yourself what is it that you do with the people you meet to stop them ever feeling like Annie?

By Boutoo